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Residents sign petition to oppose ramp construction outside Tri Star Market

Residents sign petition to oppose ramp construction outside Tri Star Market

Purpose:  defeat the Lancaster Board of Supervisor’s effort to build a boat launch on Simmons Cove by exploring all regulatory, political, and legal avenues of redress.

  • Logo for Save Simmons CoveSign the petition opposing construction on Simmons Cove/Dymer Creek. You can sign in person when visited by a neighbor, or you can sign ONLINE here.
  • Virginia Marine Resources Commission — Hearings have not been scheduled. Check back.
  • Army Corps of Engineers — Hearings have not been scheduled. Check back.
  • Board of Supervisors — Write a letter, make a call. Contact information is here.
  • Letters to the Editor — Rappahannock Record, deadline is Monday and email is acceptable: You must include your name, address, phone number, and email address to be published.
  • Donate to the Dymer Creek Environmental Preservation Association to help cover the cost of opposition.  Donate through PayPal or send your check made payable to DCEPA to PO Box 671, White Stone, VA  22578

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4 thoughts on “You Can Help

  1. Beth Kendrick

    We are spending millions to try and rescue the Bay because years ago no one thought “little creeks” would matter. Too late we found out they do. The entire watershed of the bay matters one little cove at a time. Generations of watermen have lost their family legacies because we did not take care of our earth. Plants and animals have lost their habitat and many are in trouble. When are we going to wake up and put future generations’ welfare ahead of the almighty dollar?

  2. Dianne Moore

    My family has been in Lancaster County for many generations. We have enjoyed the wild life and this wonderful Dymer Creek. I am against putting a public boat ramp on such a property as the old Haynie/Bussells property. I can only imagine the damage it will do and continue to do with extreme dredging. How sad for the health of the creek.

  3. Mickey Kendrick

    I encourage everyone to get involved with this effort. This is not a nimby (not in my back yard) fight. It is a crusade to save the environment. It is a fight to keep from destroying nature. It is a fight to keep from running off waterfowl. Did you know that Dymer Creek is visited by dolpins? How cool is that? If you care about what is happening to the environment but have never been involved before, this is the time to engage. Your support is desperately needed to help maintain a ecological treasure here in the Northern Neck. Please Volunteer.

  4. Jay Marshall Post author

    I understand that you can sign the petition via email as long as you indicate your name and address. Also you need to state explicitly in your email that you give permission to put your name on the petition.


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