Headwaters of Dymer Creek near Simmons Cove

Proposed Ramp

What’s happening?

Dymer Creek map showing the location of the proposed boat ramp

Click on the map for a larger view

The County Board of Supervisors is fast-tracking the permits and approvals to construct a boat ramp and pier on Simmons Cove, a narrow upland stream that is part of the headwaters of Dymer Creek. The plan has been under development since late in 2012, but adjacent landowners and neighbors were kept in the dark until late in February, 2014.

The construction includes dredging at least 500 ft. down Simmons Cove to Dymer Creek, which flows directly into the Chesapeake Bay. The ramp is designed for “large power boat access”. The county plans to build a road to the site, along with a 35-space parking lot for cars and trailers.

What does it cost?


A preliminary estimate to construct is over $300,000

Preliminary site plans and surveying have been funded in excess of $17,000. A five-acre portion of the “Haynie Farm” land was donated to the county by the purchaser, with the agreement that costs associated with road construction, parking, ramp, and pier would be provided by the taxpayer. The channel has insufficient depth for boats and must be dredged. Costs will far exceed the estimate, and annual dredging due to increased bank erosion and siltation will add to the cost spiral. Regular maintenance of the site will require additional safety enforcement, privy recovery and discharge, trash removal, as well as repairs for ramp, parking lot and road due to heavy loads. The county is giving the preliminary start-up estimate of over $300,000.

Here is a link to sign a petition online that opposes construction of the boat launch on Simmons Cove.




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