"little bluebills"


PO Box 671
White Stone, VA  22578
Email:  info@dymercreek.org

Officers and Committee Chairs:

President: Carl Smith, 703-283-2365, cmsmith88@aol.com
Vice President: Beth Kendrick, 804-436-8013, bethannkendrick@gmail.com
Secretary: Mickey Kendrick, 804-436-8013, mickeykendrick82@gmail.com
Treasurer: Ann Sullivan, 804-436-0030, buttons@va.metrocast.net

Boating: David Herndon, 804-435-2056, DHHerndon@aol.com
Environment: Beth Kendrick, 804-436-8013, bethannkendrick@gmail.com
Events:  Kathy Davidson, 804-436-0819, dondavidson5@aol.com
-   Wendy Smith, co-chair, 703-209-8068, wendydsmith@aol.com
Finance: Ann Sullivan, 804-436-0030, buttons@va.metrocast.net
History:  David Herndon, 804-435-2056, DHHerndon@aol.com
Legal: Len Engstrom, 804-436-9710, lengstrom@aol.com
Media:  Joy Gwaltney, 804-435-1812, joygwaltney@gmail.com
General:  Jay Marshall,  jaymarshall@dymercreek.org

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A morning on Dymer Creek with bathing mergansers

A morning on Dymer Creek with a bathing merganser