Potomac River Fisheries Act of 1962

Potomac River Compact Consent

By Act of October 10, 1962, the Congress gives consent to the Potomac River Compact of 1958 between the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia for conserving and improving the fishery resources of the tidewater portion of the Potomac River. To carry out this purpose the compact provides for the creation of the Potomac River Fisheries Commission consisting of six members, three from the Tidewater Fisheries Commission of Maryland and thee from the Virginia Fisheries Commission. If there are more than three members on either State commission, the compact provides that the Governor of the State appoint the three members for the Potomac River Fisheries Commission from among the members of the State commission, and if less than three, the Governor appoint someone outside the State commission for the third commissioner. The term of office for a commissioner is the same as his term of office on the State commission, and if he is not on the State commission, it is 4 years. The compact provides that the Chairman of the Potomac River Fisheries Commission shall alternate from year to year between the representatives of Maryland and Virginia and shall be elected by the commissioners for 1 year. The compact provides that the commissioners receive $25 a day plus personal expenses while on duty; there be a commission meeting at least once each quarter and at such other times as the commission may determine; for a quorum for transaction of business, at least two of three members from each State must be present and vote; the commission shall establish and maintain an office at a location of its choice and may employ an Executive Secretary as well as other administrative, clerical, scientific, and legal personnel deemed necessary. In order to conserve and improve the fishery resources, the compact provides that the commission carry on a research program, issue fishing licenses, adopt necessary regulations and enforce them, and approve and adopt a proposed annual budget to be sent to the two Governors.

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