Dear Lancaster County Administrators,

In reference to the proposed Simmons Cove Boat Ramp -

What ever happened to the fundamentals of establishing government based on being created “by the people – for the people” ?

You were voted into your positions by the tax paying citizens of Lancaster County,  You were not voted into your positions by a non-resident developer who stands to gain financially from a boat ramp funded by those same tax payers. Sure, it was so very nice of the developer to “donate land and money” to help fund the project. What a thoughtful gesture. I am sure it was done out of sheer kindness and their desire to make the waterways of Lancaster County more available to all. The gesture, I am sure had nothing to do with the proposed adjacent housing development. Is that developer going to continue to contribute year after year for the ongoing maintenance of the required dredging, security etc?

The secrecy, dishonest behavior and premise that you are serving the public with waterway access is fooling no one.

If the real goal of the county is to provide more waterway access, what is wrong with the many commercial sites that were proposed at the public hearing?

You may or may not be seeking re-election. All I can say is at last count well over 1,000 people against and maybe 1 non-resident non-tax paying developer for your boat ramp.

Please do the job that you were elected to do, which is represent the people that put you in office. If you do not, I hope you are not seeking re-election.


Lancaster County Resident and Tax Payer

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