Better choices exist elsewhere

Rappahannock Record, April 10, 2014

Allowing the public to speak March 27 regarding a proposed public boat ramp on a narrow cove of Dymer Creek would seem to be an afterthought on the part of the Lancaster board of supervisors.

To proceed with spending county money and pursue this project with no prior citizen input and no consideration for the full impact on landowners and the total environment is beyond my comprehension. I have to wonder if any of the board members have seen this cove by water, particularly at low tide.

How can a landowner be denied cutting any tree 10 inches in diameter within 100 feet of the waterfront and the board of supervisors proceed with plans to dredge 500 feet of natural shoreline and wetlands?

A more appropriate recipient of the five acres would be the Nature Conservancy. Does the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act of 1988 have no relevancy here?

Public water access is much needed in Lancaster County but surely there are better choices than the headwaters of Simmons Cove.

Rosa Lou Johnston
White Stone

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