Let’s pursue a cost/benefit analysis

Rappahannock Record, April 3, 2014

I am in opposition to the proposed boat launch on Dymer Creek. My wife and I own property on Ashley Cove and this entire thing sounds like déjà vu from what happened a few short years ago on Ashley Cove where the county was trying to shove an ill-conceived project down the affected property owners’ throats.

Anyhow, when is the county just going to wake up and take a look at a sensible solution to the problem, like a county provided, coupon system in which public boat users can use existing commercial launching facilities at a discounted, or on a no-fee basis with the county picking up the tab (or part of it) for the boat owner?

I’m sure if somebody did a cost/benefit analysis of the problem, they would find that the cost of building and annual upkeep associated with the Dymer Creek boat launch facility could very well outweigh the cost of implementing a well thought out coupon system with the coupon system providing more flexibility to the boat owner as to where he/she could launch their boat.

Charles and Rebecca Weber

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