Priorities askew

Rappahannock Record, March 27, 2014

Every parent, teacher, grandparent and concerned citizen in Lancaster County should be appalled that the board of supervisors could find $17,000 to build a boat ramp in a swamp when they could not find money for a school nurse.

Medical needy children were left without professional supervision of their medications.

However, with no public discussion, $17,000 was shelled out for an elaborate boat ramp plan before the county even owned the land.

What kind of message are we sending to our youth?

Jeff and Kaggy Chase
White Stone

One thought on “Priorities askew

  1. ResiWilliams

    So, 17k initially for a boat ramp. What will the maintenance costs add up to each year? How much (and how often) will the county spend to keep dredging when the sloppy marsh mud fills the original dredge work? How will they monitor the environmental impact (and cover the costs to do so)? Like anything related to boats, it’s an endless money pit.


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