Wildlife and residents won’t tolerate launch

Rappahannock Record, March 13, 2014

It has become known that Lancaster County has been given some land off of Fleets Bay Rd. bordering Simmons cove. The residents all along Dymer creek have become aware of an unpublicized plan to develop this land into a public boat launch and parking area. As one of many people who are blessed to live on the shores of this beautiful creek, I felt it imperative to voice the opinion that my wife and I both share regarding this latest development.

Dymer creek is abundant with wildlife and waterfowl which depend upon the creek for the sustenance and protective habitat which the creek provides. Tens of thousands of fish fry (mainly menhaden) use the relatively calm and shallow water as a haven in which to grow until Heron and Otter with a Fishbeing of size to enter the Bay. Eagles nest a short distance from the very area which is designated to be public parking for the intended boat ramp. Great Blue herons have nesting sites nearby and can be seen stalking the waters edge all along Dymer creek for small fish. Otters are a common sight in Dymer indicating just what a healthy creek it is to support these amazing creatures. This is but a small example of the everyday sightings we can observe from our homes.

My wife and I, along with all of our neighbors and other concerned citizens, agree that the County should look elsewhere for a public boat launch area. The impact on the creek would not be a small one, nor would it be welcomed by this community.

Jim Merrill Jr.
White Stone

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