Richard Kirkland

If you pick up a copy of August/September 2014 House & Home you will find out about the life Richard Kirkland cottageand work of our neighbor, Richard Kirkland.

You may know his place: paddle or cruise past his waterfront on the south bank of Dymer Creek and you will be met by mermaids, sculptures, and fanciful relics to intrigue you.

To quote from the jacket of his book, Tales of a War Pilot, “Richard was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, six Air Medals, and the Air Force Commendation Medal. After his military career he was a manager and aerospace executive at Hughes, McDonnell Douglas, and HeliSource. His stories have been published in Air Classics and Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine.”

Kirkland's "Rappahannock Rapture" water sculptureRichard’s stories are compelling and exciting, leaving you awestruck at the breadth of his experience throughout a period of history that encompassed enormous technological change – particularly in war lessons. He is the “Forrest Gump” of our war campaigns’ histories. Gift his Kirkland Creationsbooks to your sons – with wit and understated daring the character revealed is a solitary pilots’ story  – they will grasp it.

Richard and his wife, Maria, and family are often found at the water’s edge on Dymer. Paddle by and say, “Hello.”

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One thought on “Richard Kirkland

  1. Richard and Maria kirkland

    We just discovered your website and were pleasantly surprised that you featured our home with my husbands art. Unfortunately, some of his sculpture has vanished with the latest storms. We have enjoyed our little “Castle” on Dymer Creek for almost 42 years when there were few houses and only fishing boats. It has been interesting to see the transformation. However, the environment has been preserved and in a very careful and thoughtful way. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Maria and Richard Kirkland.


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