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Lancaster Community Library Update

September 17 – Library Plans Revealed

The Library purchased the old River Lanes building and will be renovating it as funding allows

The Library purchased the old River Lanes building and will be renovating it as funding allows










Dear Neighbors,

Have you been curious about how the library will fill all that space in the old bowling alley? Now is the chance to find out all the creative ways the library will use their building.

We would like to invite all Dymer Creek residents and friends to a get-together at their house on Wednesday, September 17 at 5:00 PM to hear about the plans for the new Lancaster County library.

Lindsy Gardner, Executive Director of the Library, will explain the details for renovating the former bowling alley, and she will be assisted by Marianne Henderson. Wine and cheese will be served.

Directions to the Smiths: Address: 177 Dawson Lane. From Kilmarnock, drive south on RT 3. At the turnoff for the hospital on the right (Harris Rd), turn left onto Simmons Lane. Turn at the next right ( Dawson Lane). The Smiths’ house is the third on the left. (Their telephone number is 703-209-8068 in case you get lost.) Here is a link to a Google map to help.

Best regards,

Carl and Wendy Smith

July 4th Fireworks – Dave Herndon, upper Dymer

Tabbs Creeks Annual Independence Day Fireworks Display begins around 9:00 PM (sunset is at 8:30 pm and last light is at 9:01 pm).

The best location to watch this fireworks show is in Tabbs Creek, near the fireworks original point. There are no public land locations in Tabbs Creek to watch this show and all non-Tabbs Creek residents desiring to see the fireworks from Tabbs Creek must come and watch by boat. Many boats enter Tabbs Creek every year and anchor near the origination point to watch the show.  If you are not familiar navigating into Tabbs Creek, it is highly recommended that you cruise into Tabbs Creek during daylight hours before the fourth and learn the entrance channel and creek.  The channel from Fleets Bay into the entrance of Tabbs Creek (just to the south of the entrance to Dymer Creek) is very narrow.  However this channel is deep (over 6 feet), has just been dredged, and is well marked with Aids to Navigation (not shown on local charts).

Alternate Dymer Creek Viewing Locations: For those who are unable to boat into Tabbs Creek to watch the fireworks show, there are several places in Dymer Creek that normally offer a partial view of these Tabbs Creek fireworks.  These Dymer Creek locations include:

  • Ashley’s Cove: vessels anchored in the southern part of the cove will have fair view of the higher-shooting fireworks looking to the southwest.
  • Homes on the northern side of Dymer Creek from around Johnsons Cove to the west to Lees Cove to the east and boats anchored in the middle of Dymer Creek in this same area should be able to see some of the higher-shooting fireworks.  The fireworks will be seen looking to the southwest.