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The Dymer Creek Environmental Preservation AssociationHeron on the dock on Dymer Creek was established to increase awareness of the unique environmental treasure that is Dymer Creek; to study the rich, living resources that are part of stream, bank, and watershed; to record the human history and creek resource history that is part of our heritage; and to communicate to others the vital need to protect Dymer Creek for future generations.

This website is intended to help residents enjoy the creek and our neighbors — while learning how to live with some of the challenges of our water culture.

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Review by the Hearing ExaminerWaiting for Decision

Update, April 20

Today was our 3rd day at the State Corporation Commission (SCC) evidentiary hearing in Richmond. I wanted to let you know what a truly outstanding job your team has been doing to prevent Dominion from despoiling the most scenic waterway in the Commonwealth.

Day One was Dominion’s opportunity to make their case. Our assessment was that they scored few if any points. It was not an impressive show.

Day Two (yesterday), Jason Bellows was our lead-off witness. He did a fabulous job of framing the issues and laying the foundation for our follow-on witnesses. He was forceful, articulate, and passionate. At the end of his remarks, he invoked the memory of his mother who, as most of you know, tragically passed away last year. Dominion’s attorney’s did not dare to cross-examine him.

Next was Bruce Sanders who made the point that Dominion had given no consideration whatsoever to the impact their proposed towers/fenders would have on boating safety. He too, was forceful and convincing. Dominion’s attorney made the mistake of attempting to cross-examine him. Bruce quickly revealed that the attorney knew virtually nothing about sailing–then, in a very gentlemanly way, he trounced her.

Bruce was followed by Ian Ormesher who turned in a masterful performance that will forever qualify him as a “rock star”. He demolished Dominion’s experts and exposed the shoddy job Dominion has done in trying to foist this project on all of us. Once again Dominion’s attorney rose to cross-examine–and once again she found herself completely outmatched. Later, even the SCC staff was heard commending Ian for his tour de force performance. Believe me, it was a thing of beauty.

Day Three (today), our experts held their own in defending the non-tower alternatives. Then Dominion’s witnesses took the stand for their final appearance which turned out to be lackluster at best.

We are all very pleased with the way these past three days have unfolded. We are fortunate to have the facts on our side, the moral high ground, great witnesses, and perhaps the best utilities lawyer in the country, Cliona Robb. She is joined by attorneys Mike York and Jim Cornwell who have also scored their share of points against Dominion.

We will be back in court tomorrow, then that should be it. We don’t expect a decision until some time this summer (July or later). In the meantime, keep praying for success. Very best regards, Carl Smith (Pres, Save the Rappahannock Coalition)


Carl M. Smith
President, Save the Rappahannock Coalition


Virginia State Corporation Commission Rules in Favor of the Rappahannock Coalition

Dominion’s Towers Plan goes in for the full review

Chart detailing the SCC review procedure and timeline

Chart detailing the SCC review procedure and timeline

December 11, 2015
Richmond, VA

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) found that the proposed Rappahannock River transmission line crossing “was not an ordinary extension or improvement in the usual course of business. As such, Commission approval is required.

SCC press release here. Final order here.

The injunction that was placed on Dominion to prevent construction of the towers across the Rappahannock on October 19, will continue in force during the preparation of the application by Dominion and its consideration by the Commission. There will be opportunity for the public to comment and review the proposal and regulatory bodies will be given an opportunity to review a full , final and complete application.

The Coalition to Save the Rappahannock will continue to work with Middlesex and Lancaster Counties Boards of Supervisors to present the economic, environmental and safety-related issues that would be adversely affected by construction of the intrusive towers as planned.

Go to www.NoTowers.org

Artist John Morton Barber's earliest work depicting the iconic Norris Bridge.

Artist John Morton Barber’s earliest work depicting the iconic Norris Bridge.

The visual impact of transmission towers across the Rappahannock River is enormous.

The visual impact of transmission towers across the Rappahannock River is enormous.



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Map of Dymer Creek showing the coves and roads

Map of Dymer Creek showing the coves and roads


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